April 9, 2007


Hello Everyone;

Were you a teenager back in the 1970’s? And if you were, do you remember a show that was on TV called the “Soul Train”, It was on every Saturday mid-morning…It was on around the same time as, “American Bandstand”…Both were good dance and Musical shows with a lot of great Musical Artists…”Yeah I know what you must be saying about right now, “What’s this got to do with the word of God, “Right”? Well, hang on and I will get there! Soul train came to mind a few months ago when I was teaching a Sunday school Class…

I don’t know exactly what got me started thinking about things of my past that day, but it just kept coming to mind to do something about a “Soul train”! Now, back in the 70’s when Soul Train was hot on the American TV and on young American teenage minds, well, they were talking about a different kind of Soul then…”Soul train” was directed at young Black American youth, there were a lot of Mighty Black Artists then, as well as today…I always did like a little bit of soul Music, I remember when Micheal Jackson first started his singing career with his older brothers,(The Jackson Five) they were great!

I don’t care what people say, Black people have got soul like no other and can sing with that Soul coming out of there mouth and into the air with such beauty, it makes my soul move within side me…Anyway, I got to thinking, God is coming, and he coming soon, and he’s going to be riding a different kind of “Soul Train”, God is coming for his people and if your one of his children, then you won’t want to miss this train cause it’s only coming by once…And the ticket you will need to ride this train will be, “the Blood and the Holy Ghost”!! So, have you had the Blood applied, have you been filled with the Holy Ghost?

Did you come to God with Repentance in your heart, did you cry out unto Him with a loud voice, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned”!! Are you ready to ride that Soul Train to Heaven, and if not, Why? Remember, “No Rock going to cry out, No Stone going to sing in my place, I’m going to Praise His name”!! God does not ask that much out of his children, So Lord willing, I’m going to be first on board that, “Soul Train to Heaven”!! I know, you think I have lost a screw somewhere, but I say, everybody needs a little Soul down in their Soul…I won’t miss Heaven for the world, cause this world and everything on it will burn with fervent heat someday, and I don’t want to be here when it does…

So, what about you, “The Soul Train Heaven Bound, or a burning earth that is hell bound? From what I have read in the bible, heaven is a very beautiful place and I an going to be with my father and be his servant…Let’s work together and see how many Souls we can add to God’s Soul Train, Praise God, Praise God!!!


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